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Solar Wind 798 808

Solar Wind

speed: 969.7 km/s
Space Weather News for Sept. 10, 2005
Solar activity remains very high and shows no signs of abating. Sunspot 798/808 has unleashed seven X-class solar flares since Sept. 7th. Forecasters say there's a 75% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours, possibly causing radio blackouts and radiation storms.
Coronal mass ejections hurled into space by these explosions could hit Earth's magnetic field in the days ahead. Sky watchers, particularly in northern places like Canada and Alaska, should remain alert for auroras. The best time to look is local midnight.
The sun's 27-day rotation is slowly turning sunspot 798 to face Earth. Explosions in the coming week will be increasingly Earth-directed, raising the possibility of geomagnetic storms and auroras over the continental United States, Europe and Australia.
27 dni sie slonce kreci a jego druga strona jest dla nas niewidoczna przez 13 ipol dnia slonecznego ...a po drugiej stronie slonca panuje NOC;)))

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